Ducane Furnace – Quality, Efficiency, Dependability

The Ducane company was founded in Union City, New Jersey in 1947. It produces residential and light commercial air conditioners, oil and gas furnaces, and heat pumps. This company was bought over by The Lennox company in 1999, even so it manufactures its own products and sells them under its name as Ducane products. This company is well known for its Ducane furnace.

Why Choose Ducane Furnace

Ducane gas furnaces are marketed under the market names Fits-All 92, Fits-All 80, Horizontal 80 and DPGB downflow. Ducane furnaces are manufactured with the latest of technology and the company’s consistent efforts in research and development have made these furnaces exceed the expectations of its customers.

  • Ducane gas furnaces comply Star Energy requirements and energy efficient units; they also offer great savings on energy bills compared to other gas furnaces. These furnaces are thoroughly tested and inspected in the factory which ensures a dependable furnace with a long service life.
  • Ducane furnace uses anti-vibration technology which makes these furnaces with their noise reduction a quiet furnace that is a boon to its users.
  • Ducane gas furnaces have an AFUE rating of 80% or higher which means that they are very energy efficient. They also are fitted with the latest in electronic controls which ensures that they always work at maximum efficiency. Their heat exchangers are made of aluminized steel which are corrosion resistant thus ensuring a long service life.


  • Ducane furnaces have a good warranty, while the heat exchanger has a lifetime limited warranty. The other parts are protected with a 10-year limited warranty.
  • The Ducane furnace installation manual lets you see that the furnace is installed properly.
  • Ducane gas furnace parts are easily available which lets you repair your furnace easily. This also means that you would have your furnace running quickly in case of a breakdown. The Ducane company has good customer support which helps you solve any Ducane furnace problems very quickly.

Reasons to Own a Ducane Furnace

If you are looking for a furnace for your home, you could not go wrong in choosing a Ducane gas furnace. These furnaces are not only highly efficient but they are Energy Star rated which means that they not only save you running expenses but heat your home very efficiently.

When you buy a Ducane furnace, you know that you are getting the latest technology in furnaces and hot water heaters along with high quality materials. Ducane furnaces are manufactured in the USA, which means that when you buy one of these furnaces, you are not only helping our country but also helping keep the jobs in this country.

Ducane furnaces also are much less expensive than other brands of furnaces and solar water heaters. Also with the ease of availability of parts and good customer support you know that you will have your furnace up and running quickly even if it happens to break down.

All in all when you look at the warranty, the price, the service life and the quality of the furnace with its efficiency, you cannot go wrong with a Ducane furnace for your home.